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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Linux Creativity Podcast

Here I am, preparing to begin a podcast from Linux.  There are a few things I am sure I want:
  • I want the podcast to sound professional, as if it was syndicated as part of a larger network.  Even if it's not, it definitely gets the attention of someone who might otherwise just ignore it.  This means that the podcast will need to have:
    • Opening Music for the intro, small riffs for the bumpers, and closing music for the outtro.  I'd consider creative commons, but I'd be leery of non-commercial or share-alike licenses.  Attribution won't be a problem, though.
    • Discrete sections, including the opening, commentary, news, main topic, mail, tip, conclusion, and closing.
    • A steady release rate, preferably weekly.
    • An easily-remembered name.
    • A primary domain name (
    • A content-managed website, preferably with a forum and a show notes section.
    • Co-hosts with some experience in the fields I'll be covering (dialog sounds more natural than prepared scripts, and it would help to have someone coming from a creative background, as opposed to my extensive Linux background.)
    • Consistency.
  • I want to focus on the audio technologies in Linux.  I am comfortable with:
    • Jack (for sound channel manipulation)
    • Ardour (for recording and mixing)
    • LADSPA, LV2, and VST plugins (for audio filtering)
    • Jamin (for mastering the final).
  • I want to cover topics regarding the professional creative use of Linux.  There are a lot of podcasts out there that cover Linux for technicians and business people, I want to focus on the creative tools of Linux.  At first, I intend to focus on audio production (such as creating podcasts in Linux... how's that for meta?), but I have spent time getting comfortable with programs in other fields of creative endeavour, such as writing, computer graphics, and video.
Now, it really doesn't matter to me what momentum this podcast will create.  I am not an expert in any of the fields I want to cover.  I just want to get Linux to the attention of the creative types who are not aware that it can be used in place of the massively-expensive suites provided by the likes of Adobe, Apple, and Avid.  Additionally, this will also give me practice in both Linux audio production as well as voice work to add to a future demo... never mind the ability to say I participated in a professionally-produced podcast.

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