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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back with Some Thoughts

Time to clean off the cobwebs, I guess.

What was originally a mild interest into using my voice professionally, combined with my usual interest in advocating Linux as a cheap recording solution, has made some very big strides into my new site, The Penguin Producer.  It has eaten up a huge amount of time over the last year, but I find the process rewarding; I now have a good bit of reference material to check on when doing things, and I like that some of my articles are being used elsewhere.

However, in the interests of keeping that site completely focused on the topic at hand, and because I am interested in opening up a broader dialogue, I'll get back into personal blogging here, as well as the occasional foray into deeper things. Probably more of the former than the latter; I do not have the free time I used to have in coming up with this stuff, and most of that time has been spent on the Penguin Producer.

I've had some interest in doing podcasting, but have been uncertain exactly how to approach the process.  I tried with a friend, but the whole thing felt wrong; I'm not really comfortable talking about stuff informally, as I tend to prefer explaining how things work, and how to do things, rather than just saying that this thing is good, and how I'm looking forward to that thing, and while I'm good at faking it; I just don't understand how to be a "fan" of anything, unless that something has a specific tangible usefulness.

Which is pretty ironic considering how determined I am to learn how to create something as completely intangible as media.  What is its purpose?  Why am I so crazy over the idea of making drawings, podcasts, videos, and other projects.  And if I'm really so all-fired interested in these other areas of endeavor, why am I not also interested in music?  It's frustrating.

Recently, the Mint guys have come out with a fork of the Nautilus file manager for their distribution, and they are calling it "Nemo."  So far, every podcast seems to associate that name with the clownfish from the movie, "Finding Nemo."

What the hell, folks?  Have none of you read the book "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?" The "Nautilus" was the name of the submarine, and Captain Nemo was its inventor and pilot.  Where the hell does clownfish come into this?! 

Yeah, it's probably a pretty stupid point, but it's annoying to hear people wondering about how they came up with the name; I don't know if its elitism, but even if you've never read the book, there are still the movies based off of the book.

Finances have been difficult for me, and now they've reached a point where I'm about to move in with a friend in order to split costs.  Up until now, I've been living alone, content that no matter what I do, nobody will be there to watch; I can relax and enjoy whatever I wish, and nobody could interrupt it... and if it's an embarrassing little pleasure, there'd be nobody to pass it on.

I'd be lying if I said I'm looking forward to it.  The very idea that I won't have complete control over my environment is a terrifying thought, mainly due to the idea that uncomfortable truths about me will be seen and passed on by my potential roommate... I've spent a lot of time and effort keeping my self to myself... I do not like being embarrassed.