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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feelings and Hatred

I can admit to caring about people to a certain degree, but I never understood the need people have to depending on another person so much as to be completely torn up when something happens, whether it is time away, or offense strong enough to engender hatred.

I am probably just cold, but it seems to me that someone else's feelings should be their feelings, and unless they are attempting to force me to feel them, I have no business being offended or hurt by them.

Hatred is another thing I don't understand. Now, I'm pretty selfish; every action I take is designed to give myself something I want with as little effort as possible. Hatred, however, seems to be the complete opposite; the desire to keep someone else from having what they want, no matter how much effort is required, or how little one gets as a result.

What makes a person so dependent on another that their feelings depends on the feelings of another, whether the feelings are complimentary or contrasting? What makes the feelings of another so important that the feelings of a loved one become your own, and the feelings of a hated one become the opposite of your own?

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