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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Certain Thoughts from a Certain Mind

Blogs seem to be a good way to be respected for the expression of one's thoughts... never mind the benefits of organizing one's thoughts. However, do you mix the deeper topics with the less-cerebral topics like current events, or can you? After all, they originate in the same mind, and many times, one depends on the other for substance... the deep thoughts influence the lighter ones, while the light thoughts are what spur the deep considerations.

After a little time thinking about things, I decided to do two blogs, one dedicated to the deep topics, the conceptual paradigm-shifters and mental exercises, and the other dedicated to the personal and day-to-day events that often bring such exercises about... or something completely unrelated. No point diluting depth with trivia, right?

So, why even have a blog focusing on concepts and paradigms? Well, I tend to think differently than the people around me; strange looks are pretty commonplace for me. I consider greed, laziness, and ego as virtues, for example, and government and police as vices. I don't believe in equality, and certainly not in law.

All of the above would be enough to demonize me to the darkest pits of hell with very little effort, because the people who do the damning do not understand the concepts I live with, the assumptions and paradigm I understand to be a reality. So, it would be apparent that making a personal blog without another to give the supporting arguments for my assumptions would be a socially-suicidal move... forever relegated to the loons and kooks of the universally-despised.

Not quite something I look forward to, lemme tellya.

So, with the Certain Mind blog, I can at least give the curious the opportunity to see things from my side of reality. Maybe it can spread to the general populace? I'm not holding my breath, but who knows?

There will be a redesign of the layout; I don't plan to leave the generic templates in place for long... just for now until I have something that is unique and pleasing to the eye.

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